My travels

Jerusalem Artichoke and Sea Asparagus
Squids and Mussels
Spaghetti “al Burro”
Potato Dumplings and Coconut Milk
Poached Pigeon
Cream Puffs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wine pairing

Travels in Brunello

Smoked Deer Tartare
Fresh Homemade Ravioli “Cibreo” Style
Dry Aged Beef Sirloin in Herb Crust
Cheese Selection

Wine pairing


Jerusalem Artichoke
Sea Asparagus, Pine Nut Milk, Mushrooms * 20

Mussels, "Taggiasche" Olives, Green Sauce 21

Raw Red Prawns "Porto S. Spirito"
Honey "Batignani Montalcino", Capers "Pantelleria IGP" 23

Guinea Fowl
Eel, Savoy Cabbage, Tuscan Chickpeas Miso * 23

Smoked Deer Tartare
Pickled Vegetables * 22

First courses

Risotto "Riserva San Massimo"
Goat’s Cheese, Nigella Seeds, Bay Leaves, Curry * 23

Spaghetti "al Burro"
Alpine Butter, Paprika, Parmigiano Reggiano "Latteria Sociale San Pietro" 22

Pasta and Beans
"Gerardo di Nola" Pasta, Cuttlefish with its Ink, Sage, Zolfini Bean 22

Potato Dumplings
Crustaceans Extract, Coconut Milk, Parsley, Sesame 22

Homemade Fresh Ravioli "Cibreo" Style
Chicken Offal, Egg, Lemon * 24

Second courses

Different Consistencies of Vegetables
Vegetables Jus, Salad, Verjuice * 32

Beef Cheek
Egg Sauce, Mustard 32

"Fish of the Day"
Saffron "Pura Crocus Montalcino", Cauliflower 32

Poached Pigeon
Foie Gras, Peppers Sauce * 33

"Cinta Senese" Pork
Dried Plums of Montalcino, Hazelnut, Salsify * 33

Dry Aged Beef Sirloin in Herb Crust
Grape Must * 36


Ewe’s Cheese "Cugusi Pienza" Selection 18

Goat’s Cheese "Le Caprine Gambassi" Selection 19

Selection of Tuscan, Italian and Foreign Cheeses 20


Fresh Pollen, Citru Fruits 13

Smoked Semi-Frozen "Zuccotto"
Candied Kumquats, Alchermes, Cocoa 13

Warm Puff Pastry
Pistachio Custard, Green Apple and Cinnamon Sorbet 13

Toasted Sesame, Citrus Fruits 13

Cream Puffs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream, Eggnog 13

Dessert Wine Pairing 12

...Travels in beauty...

Raw Red Prawns and Honey

Venison Tartare and Pickled Vegetables

Spaghetti “al Burro”

Blue Cheese Risotto and Vegetable Powders

Monkfish, Grilled Eggplants and Yogurt

Pigeon, Curry e Sesame

Meringue and “Cenobium” Bitter

Honey, Pollen and Citrus Fruits


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